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“Everyone is really friendly and never makes you feel out of place. I’ve learned a lot coming here that I most likely wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t been. I felt respected and understood.”

Post Abortion Support

The Pregnancy Resource Center is here to reach out to women that might be hurting emotionally or spiritually due to having had an abortion. Abortion affects every life it touches, and for many women it hurts long after the choice is made. You are not alone.

Acknowledging how you feel about the abortion and being allowed to grieve will help you come to peace with yourself and with others.

Do You Suffer From PASS?

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome is the development of symptoms resulting from unsuccessful coping methods following the physical and emotional trauma of abortion. PASS may be instant or can be hidden for years. PASS not only affects women but men as well.

If you are struggling with any of the issues below, you may be suffering from Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. These are some questions to ask yourself:


  1. Am I having trouble sleeping?

  2. Do I often feel angry and irritable?

  3. Do I have dreams or flashbacks about the abortion?

  4. Do I avoid places, people, and things that remind me of the abortion?

  5. Do I have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships?

  6. Has my use of alcohol and/or drugs increased significantly since the abortion?

  7. Have I developed prolonged depression or suicidal thoughts?

  8. Do I have repeated dreams over babies crying or in distress since the abortion?

  9. Do I suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?

  10. Do I feel a vague emptiness or deep sense of loss?

  11. Have I developed an eating disorder?

  12. Am I able to talk about my abortion without being overcome by deep sorrow, anger, or guilt?

  13. Do I see my life as "before" and "after" the abortion? Do I view myself differently?

  14. Do my memories of the abortion seem more painful than the actual experience?

  15. Do I regret the abortion?

  16. Have I lost interest in things I used to love since the abortion?

  17. Is concentrating often difficult?

  18. Do I have anniversary reactions on the day of my abortion or of my baby's due date?

Are You Looking For Freedom and Forgiveness?

If you are interested in learning more about Forgiven and Set Free, an eight-week confidential Bible Study, please contact us below and we will be happy to tell you all about it. We will help you find peace for your heart, mind, soul and spirit following the loss of a pregnancy by choice.